• Leros Panteli
  • Leros island
  • Leros island
Brief description

A small rocky mountainous island forgotten by time. The main town of Laki is built around the port. The tourist spots are the villages of Alinta, Panteli and Agia Marina on the east side. The rest of the island is wild and tranquil with small rural communities living around the coast.

Population: 8,000

Size: 12 x 6 km

Tourism activity: Low

Airport: Domestic flights only. Located close to Partheni, 6 km from Laki town and the port.

Main city/town: Laki

Villages: Alinta, Panteli, Partheni, Agia Marina


Sightseeing in town:

Beach: Xirokampos

Mountain trip: Leros Castle

Restaurant: Taverna Stigma in Arhagelos islet.

Bakery: Karanikolas