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Brief description

The largest island of Dodecanese and the main travel destination in the area. The tourism infrastructure is enormous. The city of Rhodes, on the north east, is populated by 55,000 people. There is the old town, the Castle and the modern city with many interesting places but very busy.

Population: 115,000

Size: 73 x 30 km

Tourism activity: Very high

Airport: Yes, 12 km from the city.

Main city/town: Rhodes


Sightseeing in town: Old Town, The Castle.

Beach: Lindos, Tsabika, Faliraki, Traganou, Afantou, Paradisi, Ialisos.

Mountain trip: Castle Feraklou (Haraki), Valley of butterflies (Theologos), Thermal Spa (Kalithea), Sever Springs Waterfall (Arhagelos), Ataviros, Canyon of Sideritsa, Kamiros lake.

Restaurant: Various kinds of cuisine.

Bakery: Yes

Bar: Various kinds of music.