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Brief description

A small, rocky but very busy island with wild and beautiful bays. The main town of Simi is built around the port of Gialos. There are many restaurants and cafeterias all over the place. During day time is getting stormed by short time visitors from Rhodes. The narrow stone paved roads are packed with furious photographers. There are few car and bike rental shops and ATM.

Population: 2,600

Size: 11.5 x 10 km

Tourism activity: High

Airport: no

Main city/town: Gialos

Villages: Emporios, Panormitis, Pedi, Roukouniotis


Sightseeing in town: Town architecture.

Beach: Pedi, Ai Giorgis, Marathounta, Seskli.

Mountain trip: Castle Tsagrias, Monastery of Panormitis.

Restaurant: Various kinds of cuisine.

Bakery: Yes

Bar: Various kinds of music.

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