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  • Tilos
  • Ιντζόγλου Θεόφιλος / Parapente
    Tilos from above Ιντζόγλου Θεόφιλος / Parapente
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    Tilos Map of Tilos

Brief description

A small island with irregular shape and tranquil beaches. The main town of Livadia is around the small port. There are restaurants and cafeterias next to the beach.

Population: 780

Size: 14 x 6 km

Tourism activity: Low

Airport: no

Main city/town: Livadia

Villages: Megalo Horio, Agios Antonios, Eristos.


Sightseeing in town: Try local honey.

Beach: Eristos, Plaka

Mountain trip: Harkadio elephant’s cave and paleontological museum, monastery of Agios Panteleimonas

Restaurant: Blue sky

Bakery: Yes

Bar: Mikro Horio Bar.